Reiki Mountain Getaway!

  • Shadowcliff Grand Lake, Colorado

Reiki Mountain Getaway!

With Carrie Varela

Shadowcliff, Grand Lake, Colorado

Thursday August 24th - Sunday August 27th, 2017


All Pricing is Per Person in US Dollars.

  • Triple Occupancy = $745 
  • Double Occupancy = $795
  • Single Occupancy = $895


  • 3 nights accommodations
  • 3 Meals a day
  • 1 SUP or Kayak Session
  • 1 Guided Hike to Waterfall
  • Yoga
  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certification

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Enjoy a full weekend immersion into the healing power of Reiki at an eco-friendly mountain sanctuary at the foothills of Grand Lake, Colorado.  In this training, you will learn to receive and send Reiki energy as a means of self-treatment, treatment for others, clearing of space and long-distance healing.  

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  "Rei" means "spiritual wisdom" and "ki" means "life force energy."  It is administered with a light, gentle touch where the Reiki healer effectively channels Reiki energy through the hand chakras.  Reiki is a safe, non-invasive practice which can be used for healing and spiritual development.  

This course is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.  Practice time includes giving and receiving a Reiki treatment using Reiki hand positions, practice using Reiki II symbols, distance healing and practice using several Japanese Reiki techniques. In additional to learning Reiki, you will have ample opportunities to get outside, SUP, hike, meditate, learn and practice Reiki.  Each participant will become a certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner by the end of the weekend!

Carrie Varela

Carrie is a yogi, Reiki Master, mystic, lover, kindness junkie, world traveler and a modern day healer. She is passionate about helping people find good energy. Good energy happens when we are in the flow, connected, inspired, filled with purpose. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui Mikao lineage and certified by the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT). In 2014, Carrie received the Master Level of Holy Fire Reiki®, a new type of Reiki energy developed by the ICRT. She was initially led to Reiki as a tool for awakening and healing during a time of transition in her life. Recognizing the beautiful benefits she has received from nine years of healing through Reiki, Carrie teaches Reiki to others and offers Reiki treatments at in the Denver area.

Reiki has had such a major and positive impact on my life. I cannot even begin to fully express my gratitude for the short but SO IMPORTANT treatment you helped give me during our practice in class. It shifted something in me, and it has been permanent. It allowed me to fully feel my grief and move forward. I've been doing a lot of distance reiki and using it to help my son relax and fall asleep. My husband, who is the ultimate skeptic in all things said it really helped his back pain. Also, my dog tore a tendon in her leg and I truly feel that the treatments I've given her have helped her avoid the horribly invasive surgery that was recommended by the vet to repair it. She is already running on that leg again and has nearly complete use of it. Not to mention the other benefits to my own spiritual journey which have been substantial. *Diana*

“I just want to say that my experience since the attunement has been nothing short of incredible. Things are healing in such a beautiful, gentle way, and the Reiki has really strengthened my root chakra and brought me back to earth in ways I didn’t even think were possible. I haven’t felt this at peace since I was a child. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift!”  *Lauren*

I just want to say THANK YOU for the last Reiki session! I swear my life has done a total 180 since that session. My heart chakra seems to be more open than it has been in years and I have this inexplicable constant calmness. My drive for work and energy to start new things and explore has sky rocketed. It almost feels as though my soul entered a whole new vibrational level of sorts and the world around me came with it. That could all be a coincidence, or it could be your lovely Reiki energy. You do some beautiful work and I just wanted to let you know I’m grateful for taking your classes and receiving your healings. *Lydia*


Shadowcliff is an eco friendly mountain sanctuary nestled in the heart of the Rockies and the foothills of Grand Lake, Colorado. Shadowcliff is a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is, “An eco-friendly mountain sanctuary where together we are creating a climate for a restorative world.” As a sanctuary, we provide a safe place for personal and community retreat and renewal. At Shadowcliff, we educate and encourage others to reconnect with the natural world and ask questions about choices that we make during our lives. We provide this educational message to all of our guests, especially through our groups and educational workshops, many of which are conducted by Shadowcliff faculty.


Grand Lake is a small town that is located in the Northwestern region of the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. Grand Lake sits at the southwest entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Grand Lake is Colorado's largest and deepest natural lake, and is part of the headwaters of the Colorado River. The Town of Grand Lake is a Statutory Town located in Grand County, Colorado, United States. The population was 447 at the 2000 census. Established in 1881, Grand Lake sits at an elevation of 8369 feet (2551 m). It derives its name from the lake on whose shores it is situated: Grand Lake, the most extensive natural body of water in Colorado.

Shadowcliff offers a variety of European-style accommodations for guests looking to stay in Grand Lake. Our distinctly unique feel has been described as reminiscent of summer camp, both warm and welcoming, and peacefully rustic. We offer comfortable, relaxing private guest rooms in each of our Rempel and Cliffside Lodges with shared gender-specific bathrooms and private showers.


Compassionate Kitchen - We like to think of Shadowcliff’s kitchen as a compassionate kitchen (1), a place where the food we prepare and serve is a further expression of the principles of sustainability and hospitality that guide our work here. By modeling ethical choices that result in tasty and nutritious meals, served with care and attention, we are showing guests and staff, alike, one more way to bring our daily decisions into alignment with a sustainable restorative world. From planning menus to buying, preparing and serving our goal is to live both well and lightly on the earth.




Thursday August 24th

  • Arrive and Settle by 3pm.
  • Opening Session
  • Dinner

Friday and Saturday

  • Breakfast
  • Reiki Session 1
  • Lunch 
  • Hike / SUP
  • Reiki Session 2
  • Dinner 

Sunday August 27th, 2017 

  • Morning Reiki Session
  • Breakfast
  • Checkout and Depart by 10 am.






  • Take I-70 west out of Denver, passing through Idaho Springs.Approximately 6 miles past Idaho Springs, take Exit 232 (Highway 40) to Empire, Winter Park and Granby.
  • Continue over Berthoud Pass through Winter Park, Frazier and Tabernash to Granby.
  • At  the far end of Granby turn right onto Highway 34 and continue for 16 miles to Grand Lake.
  • When you approach the Village of Grand Lake, turn right at the town sign just past the Conoco Service Station.
  • Go less than two blocks and the road forks  just before Mountain Food Market and just past the horse stables.
  • Take the left fork onto West Portal (also called Highway 278 and Tunnel Rod).The right fork goes into the Village of Grand Lake.
  • Follow West Portal  approximately .6 mile to the stop sign at Garfield Street.
  • Continue .2 of a mile past the stop sign (still on West Portal).
  • On the left you will see the sign for Shadowcliff. Turn left, proceed up the steep dirt hill and within 50 yards turn right at the lighted stone sign and onto the Shadowcliff grounds.

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Deadline to Register is August 10, 2017.