Hello, Bellas!

Thank you all for the warm welcome last week. It was such a delight to start sharing our stories with all of you, and I am equally excited to keep this train rollin’ this week with our Goddess Crete Retreat.

This Spring, a group of soul-driven women found themselves on the Mediterranean adventure of  lifetime, following their intuition to the ancient walking-ground of Crete, Greece. Our Bella Leaders, Natalie Cutsforth and Shannon Gill-Jones were the perfect guides for this tour into the history of the Goddess.

Today, I want to reflect on this beautiful retreat so you all can share in a piece of the magic:


These lovely ladies spent the week soaking up the magical energy and salty sea air. They explored the island from their home base in Kokkini Hani Crete, a quiet town cradled in the sparkling waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. Not far from there, the women tuned-in to the goddess energy at the internationally renowned architectural ruins of Knossos from the ancient Greek Minoan civilization. Past-life memories emerged, sensations of returning home, and a sense of deep honoring for the goddess cultures’ 2,000 years of peaceful living. Right at the waters edge, they started several mornings with beachside walking meditation. To top it off, each day the chef went to the open market to select the freshest foods preparing locally grown artichoke, olives and olive oil from the trees of the hotel owners. The food was just incredible, and the locally distilled raki free-flowing. Visiting Crete was a step back through time to connect with some of the oldest mysteries held by humanity.


We couldn’t have better matched our guides for this experience. Natalie and Shannon are both incredibly connected and intuitive women, making them perfect leaders for deepening with the Divine Feminine through this journey. Natalie Cutsforth is a powerful clairvoyant and teacher. Her commitment to making the intuitive sensory experience accessible is evident. She led the group through meditation and intuition exercises, as well as taught about the essence of the Divine Feminine. Shannon Gill-Jones is a passionate Evolutionary Astrologer and healing dance facilitator. She offered inspired teachings on the Goddess Archetypes and how the participants’ natal charts’ pointed to their souls’ blueprint for embodiment in this lifetime. She also connected them with creative movement and dance. Everyone was so thankful for the opportunity to learn from these mystical mamas, and so hope to work with them again!


This retreat was all about tapping into the intuitive wisdom of the Divine Feminine. This group of women came together with the intention of more deeply connecting with their heart and soul—through this guided journey learning about the ancient Greek Goddesses. Together, they went to visit the ancient ruins of the Minoan Civilization—the oldest known to practice Goddess worship. They also toured the Knossos Palace, a famous archeological site on the island. Have you ever passed though corridors and across stone tiles that you know countless human beings have walked just like you–only thousands of years before? There’s something truly life-changing about physically experiencing that thread of humanity through something so ancient.


Perhaps the most magical moment of all, though, was when we danced in an ancient cave together. It was just us. Together as women, and bonded by our experience of soul-seeking that week. As the sun faded below the horizon, Shannon and Natalie prepared the altar, lit candles all around the cave, started the music and waited for the rest of the women to arrive to their surprise location. Entering the womb of the cave we circled to set intentions and activated the private ceremony. Placing intentional items to charge with the energy on a collective alter we were invited into the ecstatic dance! Calling to awaken our inner-goddess profound insights downloaded, free from past limitations body, mind, heart and spirit. The ancient Goddesses were there, dancing with and through us in that moment. It was unforgettable.

We can’t say it better than Tiffany, one of the amazing women who joined this retreat— “I walked into this retreat resistant yet curious, and I walk away FREE, motivated, and totally inspired.”

Thank you to Natalie, Shannon, and the amazing women who said yes to their inner-goddess this Spring.

I invite you to please share this blog if you were moved by this experience or our story. Then visit our upcoming Bella Retreats to plan your next adventure! We have countless unique opportunities to travel, deepen your practice, and meet your tribe.

~ Una Bella