Hello, Bellas!

We just recently returned from the Peace and Possibility Retreat held in the lush, coastal region of Sayulita, Mexico. The tranquility and natural beauty of this place offered the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate while we tapped into the possibilities of our lives.

We spent our days on the beach, with a wellness spa and pool nearby and plenty of hammocks to provide a place for us to rest and relax. This family run wellness resort offered a friendly and homey community atmosphere. The experience was enhanced by the amazingly fresh, local, and beautifully presented meals.

Besides simply enjoying the natural beauty of this magical place, we also spent our days participating in various activities, including a boat ride on the ocean, a beach bonfire, yogaboth active flow as well as yin and restorativeand chanting. One of the highlights was getting to experience the traditional Mexican sweat lodge, or Temazcal, which felt like such a healing and cleansing journey in itself.

Our yoga sessions were led by our lovely teacher, Jody Domerstad, who also guided us through some transformative Neurosculpting exercisesa guided visualization meditation technique geared towards rewiring our thought patterns. Our kirtan chanting sessions were led by Dan Boisits, who held space for us to tap into our creative energy while also raising the overall spirit of the group.

Peace and Possibility is exactly what we reconnected with on this retreat. The softness of the coastal jungle, the lull of the ocean waves, the nurturing of our minds and spirits, and the movement of our bodies and voices all contributed to an overall sense of calm, presence, and vision that we’re ready to carry into the next chapters of our lives. Thank you to all who made this journey possible!

If you were on this retreat, or are inspired by the power that self-care and slowing down have in reconnecting us to a sense of inner peace and possibility, please share this blog with your friends and loved ones. 

I invite you to visit our upcoming Bella Retreats to plan your own rejuvenating get away! We have countless unique opportunities to travel, deepen your practice, and meet your tribe.

~ Una Bella