Ciao, Bellas!

Wow—we have had a big year full of amazing adventures. We are so inspired by our retreat leaders and how they bring their gifts around the world. Thank you to everyone reading as we catch up from all our trips in 2019 so far.

Today we are so excited to share a sweet summer retreat that happened last month–On the Mat & Into the Mountains.


Early June, Bella Leader Carola Trassel brought a group of adventurous souls to Huaraz, Peru! This yoga-meets-mother-nature retreat was a chance for our retreaters to take in the breathtaking mountain scenery while deepening their yoga practice. Everyone attending really pushed themselves to their limits, whether through asana, challenging hikes, or unpacking the stress of daily life. It was a powerful experience for them to go through together, and everyone really connected by supporting each other. These are the seeds of lifetime friendships 🙂


The charming Churup Mountain Lodge and the surrounding Cordillera Blanca mountain range was the perfect place to return home to after long days of hiking the hills. This small, family owned lodge was incredibly welcoming and really spoke to the good-natured culture in Peru. The food was amazing too! The group enjoyed a colorful and diverse vegan menu every day. The scenery was beyond amazing, so they were outside for as much of our free time that we could take. It’s nestled right at the foot of the mountains–nothing around but nature in every direction!


Hiking and yoga was the name of the game on this retreat. Mornings started with peaceful meditation and wake-up asana sessions from Carola. They gathered in a sweet yurt on the land near the lodge which was cozy and perfect to start the day. Carola’s a wonderful and attentive teacher who really takes the time to give her students quality adjustments and care. They also explored yoga philosophy, which Carola doesn’t usually have time for in her regular yoga classes. A treat for everyone there to reflect on their practice more deeply.

Most days beyond that were spend trekking into the mountain range for tough but rewarding hikes! The altitude and rugged paths challenged the group but when the path opened up to a sparkling valley lake, it was all worth it. Everyone was blown away.

Thank you Carola for creating and leading such a powerful experience for our retreaters! The impact speaks for itself, but as one shared: “I wouldn’t have wanted one detail changed! Everything was beyond perfect!”

If you were on this retreat, or are moved to share the beauty of peru, please share this blog with your friends and loved ones. Also, check out our online photo album full of more inspiring photos from this retreat.

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~ Una Bella