Ciao, Bellas!

Our latest retreat just wrapped after 8 wonderfully restful days spent in the tropics of Playa Grande, Costa Rica and there are so many beautiful stories to share. Our group was filled with those who wanted to play and experience connection which made for an amazing atmosphere to expand our hearts! 

I can’t wait to dig in and share the beauty of this trip with you all – so let’s get started!


Leader, Erin Wimert, was the teacher who stewarded this experience and wow — her healing gifts are strong. She created the space for each retreater to navigate their own expansive journey through movement and practices, both solo and in partnership, designed to guide the group into a space of cohesion, non-judgment and acceptance.

The warm, rich days were spent in classes, on local excursions or in a state of total relaxed bliss by the pool. The beautiful experience was made possible not by a perfect location, exquisite teacher, wonderful group of retreaters or warm, friendly local community, but by the unbelievable combination they made together. The feelings of gratitude are so strong!


Our location, the RipJack Inn, was pretty perfect as well, just steps away from the beach, and only an hour form the airport. We found everything our bodies and souls were craving during our stay.

Their open air restaurant catered local, asian and italian food – we couldn’t get enough guacamole, plantain chips, mahi and tuna! They also offered us two stunning yoga studios which gave us a chance to practice morning yoga in a sexy jungle studio enclosed by glass and spend our afternoons in a spacious studio with a squishy floor perfect for restorative and yoga Nidra. The last and most important thing that made this spot so divine was the love and service by the phenomenal staff – they really made us feel like we were at home (except for the cooking and cleaning part)! They took care of everything with a  smile allowing us to focus on renewal and connection.


Each morning began with active yoga set in a sexy yoga studio surrounded by lush jungle and the days rounded out with restorative Yin and Nidra in the afternoons. Our retreaters were given ample time to move their bodies and find divine flow led and supported by Erin.

Between yoga practices, “Journey to the Heart” journaling and partner practices supporting people in letting go and receiving more love were led to ground and deepen their inward journey.

And, of course, all of the mindful practices were perfectly complemented by adventures to the local gems including an estuary tour to peek the vibrant wildlife, sailing aboard a catamaran at sunset, and even ziplining through the treetops for some!

To put a cherry on an already impeccable trip, the group was given the chance to see a mama turtle birthing her eggs on a nearby beach. Led by local guides, we traveled over back roads and hiked over a rocky hill to emerge on a secluded beach where mama turtle, in a trance from laying her eggs, allowed us to get close and see the miracle of baby turtle life begin. An experience each of us counts as well worth the trek!

An immense amount of thanks goes out to Erin for being the leader who led this group to experience such bliss in paradise, the perfect retreat location we found at RipJack Inn and the participants who all showed up with such open hearts!

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Bye for now,


~ Una Bella