Ciao, Bellas!

Another wonderful retreat is on the books and the energy of this one was unmeasured! The entire experience was designed to help guide our group members into this new year and fresh decade with enlivened purpose and renewed dedication to their goals all in the midst of Costa Rican paradise. Sounds pretty great, huh?

I can’t wait to share every bit of this magic with you—here we go!


Our leaders on this journey, Patrick and Cameron Harrington, were so divinely made for this experience and brought such healing through their teachings. The group members were all warm, caring and open which made way for real connection and true vulnerability to enter.

Several of our group members were going through big personal moments—loss, falling in love, unexpected travel—and each of the group members were there to fully support them. When I say the energy on this journey was one of a kind, I truly mean it!


Our location, the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, was the only place we could have imagined this experience unfolding. The resort is nestled in the foothills of Nosara, Costa Rica and offers beauty as far as the eye can see. Not only is the surrounding landscape breathtaking but the resort itself is outfitted with everything you could ever need to unplug and dive deep into personal restoration.

Even better was the proximity to the beach which allowed us to have an early morning meditation and awaken with the rising sun over the ocean. Every bit of this location allowed our group to immerse in true relaxation and in turn, connect with ourselves.


Nearly every morning began with juicy yoga and meditation practices led by Patrick. The main focus of the retreat however, was a workshop on how to create the life of your dreams.

Each retreater was asked to stand and declare who they were and what their goal was for the year ahead. They even put exact dates to their goals so they felt truly dialed in and accountable to take action.

The best part? Several of our retreaters experienced progress immediately! One woman declared her goal was to write a children’s book and she wrote the entire thing on the flight home. Now that’s alignment if I’ve ever heard of it!

From the beginning, our leaders created experiences to allow everyone to tap into the process of sloughing off the old and welcoming in the new. We started the retreat with a beautiful shared moment where Cameron guided participants through rubbing a coconut oil, sugar and coffee scrub on their bodies and even each other, then the group ran and jumped into the ocean to cleanse. They completed the week by painting their declarations on beach driftwood, making  a special and intentional creation to take home and remind them of their goals.

I would be remiss not to also mention the straight up fun moments we had adventuring on ATVs to waterfalls and having a big dance party to a live local band.

Between the pure joy of sharing sweet community, the excitement of experiencing a new and beautiful place and the power of getting clear on how we want to move forward into a new chapter, this retreat was pure, energetic magic.

Endless thanks go out to our leaders Patrick and Cameron, the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort and each retreater who came, shared and set their intentions so powerfully!

If this journey sounds aligned and in your heart, we have already opened registration for the Live the Life of Your Dreams retreat in 2021! You can find details and registration information for this retreat along with all upcoming Bella Retreats at my website.

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Bye for now,

~ Una Bella