Lead a Retreat

Add Destination Retreats & Uplevel Your Biz

Lead a Retreat

Add Destination Retreats & Uplevel Your Biz

For inspiring LEADERS who have an IMPACTFUL program to share and are ready to make MONEY while they TRAVEL the world!

You have content to share that you know will help others transform. You want to travel and think leading a retreat would be the perfect unique and intimate setting to make a BIG difference in the lives of others.

Now what?

Well you may never run a retreat at all, and if you do, you may end up mired in guesswork and logistics instead of being able to focus on teaching your passion and connecting with your clients.

Are you an inspired leader who is ready to take your teaching to the next level!?!

Bella Retreats can help!

You can deeply connect with your clients in an extraordinary setting, experience your work having real impact in the world, AND feel supported in leading a transformational retreat experience, without stress and guesswork, AND you will get to travel the world in a profitable way! 

When you Lead a Retreat with Bella, you get supported with expert retreat coaching, all while not having to worry about handling the nitty gritty details, so that you get to experience a successful and profitable retreat that creates lasting change in your clients lives!

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Retreat Like a Pro

Bella’s 5 Expert Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Retreat

#1. Book Your Travel

Once your trip is confirmed, I will send you an email with instructions to book your flight/transportation. The sooner the better to get the best fares/miles! Once you do, send me your itinerary so we can coordinate your arrival. Here’s an insider secret—search for the best deals using Kayak or Google Flights, but book directly on the airline site!

#2. Get Travel Insurance

I HIGHLY recommend all retreaters use travel insurance. This makes sure that, if for whatever reason, you have to change your plans, your investment is covered. I suggest World Nomads as a trusted provider.
Click here to enroll. Or check with your credit card company for travel benefits.

#3. Retreat With Friends

It always helps to have a friend by your side. Going on retreat together is an amazing bonding experience and helps you relax knowing someone’s got your back. Plus, if you refer a friend, I’ll credit $100 off your retreat registration!
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12-Lessons to Lead Transformational Retreats

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Would you like custom one-on-one help with your retreat?

Selling out an international retreat can be a complicated and daunting task. I have organized, planned, and launched over 75 transformational retreats around the world. Why not use my expertise, and model the successes I have had to make it easy!

I would love to support you with a complimentary consultation to help you become a SuperStar Retreat Leader!


“Getting coaching and guidance from Bella Retreat Founder Una saved me an untold amount of time, money and effort and also spared me some potentially devastating heartbreak. She clarified exactly what I needed to create in order to produce a successful retreat and the counsel she provided was invaluable in the sense that I just hadn’t encountered that kind of insider knowledge in all the retreat planning literature I read! If you want a compassionate and reliable partner who knows what’s needed so that you can offer your gifts to the world in a way that’s fulfilling and rewarding, look no further than Una.”

Eileen Tupaz, Yoga Studio Owner and Founder, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Retreat Facilitator

“Working with Una took the many logistics off my plate so I could take a holistic approach to my retreat and give 100% of my energy to my attendees.”

Kelley Seriano, First Time Retreat Leader

“If you are interested in making a difference with the people you serve on your retreats, you can exhale when you sign up with Bella Retreats as your co-creator. By choosing to work with their team you know you will have adequate time and space to truly be your best self while facilitating your transformational retreat.”

Patrick Harrington, Kindness Yoga Founder

“Bella Retreats brought valuable ease and grace to the process of preparing for and delivering my first international retreat. Working with Una allowed me to to focus on delivering a transformational experience for guests rather than logistics. She has first hand experiences all over the world so can provide guidance that is essential to planning a retreat where your on-site experience isn’t full of administrative distractions. Una found lesser known and special on the ground resources adding to creation of unforgettable memories for each participant.”

Natalie Cutsforth, First Time Retreat Leader

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