Project Description

Water is Life Retreat

Hydration | Ceremony | Nature

with Isabel Friend

Tulum, Mexico 
February 24 – March 1, 2025

Water is Life Retreat

Hydration | Ceremony | Nature

with Isabel Friend

Tulum, Mexico 
February 24 – March 1, 2025

Journey into the Source of Life at the Edge of Paradise

Do you crave a deeper communion with life, a scientific and spiritual understanding of yourself, the earth, and the cosmos?

Water has the answers! You only need to understand how to work with her, and she becomes your greatest lifelong ally. After this experience, you will never drink a glass of water or take a shower in the same way again. Journey to ancient land of the ancient Maya, dive deep into the pristine waters of the Caribbean Ocean and immerse yourself in the sacred waters of the underground cenotes. This retreat is for you if you are ready to enjoy epic nature experiences, as well as water ceremonies and come away feeling empowered with new information about the healing power of water!

Water Is Life and allying with water is Life Changing!

Water Is Life and allying with water is Life Changing! According to the ancients, water is the mediator between the physical and the divine, between the human and the heavenly. Knowing how to work with the element of water can facilitate communion, manifestation, and deeper states of prayer and meditation. It’s time to embody the true empowerment of being a body of water living on a body of water.

A Retreat to Connect with the Spirit of Water

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by world events, out of touch with your spiritual center, thrown into whirlwinds of fear or doubt when faced with political, environmental, or social tides, disconnected from the Earth amid the frenzy of modern life…

No worries, there is a liquid calm amid the storm. We’ll re-establish a solid inner foundation of peace so that we emanate positive change in the world, from a place of guardianship and stewarding what is most sacred.

If you are intelligent, curious and passionate about the links between health, ecology and spirituality, ready to dive into the places where mysticism and science meet, to uncover the blueprint for greater vitality, and eager to put all of that wisdom into service to make a difference and be of benefit in the world, then this retreat is for you. You may feel like you are missing a key aspect of communion with Source, or perhaps you’re simply not well hydrated, and experiencing the mental and physical suffering that results from a dry body and dry mind. Whether you suffer the effects of disconnection from water physically or spiritually, this retreat is for you.

When we are disconnected from water, we are cut off from our own vitality.

When we reconnect with water, we discover not only greater physical health, but more mental and emotional wellbeing as well. In modern times we are disconnected from ancestral wisdom. But ancients of EVERY culture revered water. Reconnecting with water grounds us into the legacies of our lineages in an empowering activation. And science is revealing that WATER holds the answers on a quantum level to the mysteries behind the secret, the law of attraction, manifestation, and more. So it’s URGENT for anyone who wants to supercharge their prayers AND their body.

At this retreat we delve DEEP into the ancient myths and modern science of water. It completely, radically and irrevocably shifts peoples relationships with the primary element of life. Hours of masterclass study plus deep experiential therapies and water-based bodywork, plus exploring beautiful sacred sites and bodies of water for ritual and ceremonial practice are PROFOUND.

By the end of this retreat, you will feel juicy, hydrated, connected, empowered and activated so that you can LIVE more fully through every water molecule of your aquatic body and make the difference in this world that you came here to make – from a place of deep connection and turned-on aliveness!

What’s Included

5 nights accommodations in gorgeous Tulum Villas

Group Airport transportation to / from Cancun Airport (CUN)

3 healthy, fresh cooked meals a day from local, organic ingredients

Daily Yoga & Meditation

Group aquatic dance session (underwater contact improv)

Water Workshops with the Water Ambassador, Isabel!

Group Excursions to Cenotes  (Sacred Mayan Water Holes)

Group Excursion to pristine Beach Sanctuary and Preserve

Traditional Mayan Temezcal (Sweat Lodge)

Sound Healing in Private Cave

Water Ceremonies

Surprise water alchemy gifts you will LOVE!

What’s Not Included

Extra Spa Services



Private Janzu Water Therapy Sessions

Massages or Spa Services

Underwater Photography Sessions


Extra Aquatic Experience



Retreat Leader – Isabel Friend

Isabel is an activist and public speaker who has been studying water’s mysteries from scientific, spiritual, biological and eco-political perspectives for ten years and teaching them for five. A passionate servant, steward and student of nature, she balances wisdom and reverence in her writing and teaching of workshops, yoga, and dance.  She has had the honor of working with some of the most brilliant Water scientists alive, and has become a Water ambassador, helping people shift their relationship with the Source of Life, which is utterly life-changing.

You can find out more about her on her website:

Experience Leader – Marina San Martín

Marina is an underwater artists, model and ceremonialist, whose work with water helps people embody their connection to surrender, trust and flow, as well as the expansion of consciousness. As an artist Marina has developed her unique esthetics with common topics such as:  Feminine energy, embodiment, holistic sexuality, conscious path and the connection between the divine and the mundane. She graduated from a BA in Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana and did a MA in Cinematography at MET Film School, of the University of West London, and is currently working freelance in many projects and art expositions in the visual arts world. She will grace the retreat with her expertise as an underwater photographer, incorporating elements of ritual and ceremony. She will also offer private underwater photo sessions for the interests in going deeper into this experience.

IG: marinacosmos


Experience Leader – Kunti

Kunti’s passion and approach to the body and mind place her in a vital process for yoga from the unshakable discipline of the technique, to the versatility and investigation of the different currents of yoga, for which she is certified as a teacher in Kundalini, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga.

Her learning of Yoga comes from generations back, her parents and grandparents precursors of Hatha Yoga in Mexico and Venezuela. From a very young age she was instructed in the integral Yogistics and Spiritual discipline as a life style. Within her specific development as a Yoga Teacher, she has been teaching classes for more than 20 years. She lived in India for 2 years working at Miri Piri Academy (school founded by Yogi Bahjan), where she also delved into the arts of Hindu Dance such as Bhangara and Raag Music. She was in Rishikesh India studying the dynamism of Ashtanga Yoga with Master Yogi Khamal Singh.

Her time dedicated to study and teaching, lead her to experience Yoga as a perfect body science that transcends from the physical to the spiritual plane, crossing the psychological channel of the human psyche.

Experience Leader – Ceiba

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Ceiba as our Group Underwater Dance Instructor and the expert behind our Private Janzu Sessions. With her unique qualifications and extensive experience, Ceiba brings a wealth of knowledge and healing to our community.

Ceiba is a Holistic Doula and Body Therapist specializing in biodynamic presence and Craniosacral therapy. Her deep connection with water and her passion for Primal memories somatic healing make her a remarkable addition to our team. She has a profound love for holding a safe and trauma-informed space, allowing individuals to experience Rebirthing in the most nurturing environment.

Ceiba is the creative force behind “Útero Amor.” Through this platform, she shares ceremonies, workshops, and retreats designed for women of all ages, focusing on traditional healing and female sexuality. Her work spans across Mexico, Canada, and Europe, reflecting her dedication to empowering and healing women in diverse communities.

Ceiba’s qualifications and dedication to holistic healing and personal transformation make her an invaluable member of our team. We are grateful to have her expertise and nurturing presence enriching our community’s well-being and self-discovery journey. 

Experience Leader – Jeff

Jeff Daubney is the founder of IceBathTulum and is a founding member and current COO of the Redheaded Mexican SA de CV, a health and wellness company based in Tulum, Mexico. He is also a founding member of UnoMeta LLC, a digital assets company based in Wyoming. Jeff was introduced to the Wim Hof breathwork protocol in 2019 and attended his first WHM seminar in early 2020 where he found an opportunity to use his coaching skills to share with others. Within months he had built a community and was ice bathing 50-70 people a week while honing and sharing his knowledge. Jeff boasts several long ice baths to his credit with his record at 50 minutes achieved in August 2022. He was a certified strength & conditioning coach (CSCS) and an ACE certified personal trainer with a BA in Public Justice from the State University of New York.



Tulum has been recognized internationally for its gorgeous Caribbean beaches and fascinating archaeological sites. This coastal town is one of the nine municipalities that compose the state of Quintana Roo, and it is located in the tourist zone and heart of the Riviera Maya.

In 2019, Tulum was voted as the best beach destination in the world!

Tulum is part of a marvelous Mayan history with magnificent sights, art, music and ancient Mayan magic. People that visit this town are amazed by all the hidden history behind this beautiful coastal city.

For many years, Tulum has been the most famous town in the Riviera Maya for tourists attracted by aquatic and other activities such as kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, and other attractions. Caves, cenotes, and other alternative treatments such as temazcal, are other popular attractions in Tulum.

We recommend booking a few days to explore this enchanting region of the Yucatán before and after the water retreat.

Dora Jungle Eco-Resort

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Travel Details


  • Fly to/ from Cancun (CUN).
  • Group Airport transportation is included.
  • Arrive before 3pm on first day.
  • Depart after 11 am on last day.
  • Airport is 1.5 hours from retreat location.
Arrival Day – Day 1

Day 1 

  • Airport Pick Up by 3 PM
  • Check in
  • Welcome Ceremony Dinner
Sample Daily Schedule


  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Excursion to Beach, or Cenote Experiences
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Excursion, Temezcal, Water Experiences
  • Water Workshop
  • Dinner
  • Evening Chill or Sound Healing
Departure Day – Day 6

Day 6 

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Closing Circle
  • Check out by 11 AM


Retreat Accommodations

  • 4 Bedroom Villa – This gorgeous airy Villa has Total of 4 Bedrooms & 4 Bathrooms, Indoor-Outdoor Living Area, & Fully Stocked Kitchen so you can relax with all the amenities you love from home. En-suite bathrooms, balconies, ling rooms, hammocks, fans and A/C.
    • Triple Room = $2495
    • Shared Room = $2600  
  • Shared or Single Rooms  – These Bedrooms with 1 King or 2 Singles are great for privacy or to share with a buddy. En-suite bathrooms, balconies, fans and A/C.
    • Shared Room = $2595
    • Private Room = $2995
  • Apartment – These 1 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom apartment have Fully Stocked Kitchens, living area, and 1 King or 2 Singles.
    • Private = $3250
    • Shared = $2750 

Book now with a $500 non-refundable deposit. 50% due December 1. Balance is due January 15. Payment plans available!

Aquatic Paradise Extension – February 6, 2024

Spend an extra 2 Nights and a Full Day of pampering after the retreat.

Be guided to a special beach ceremony, plush out at one of Tulum’s fabulous lunch spots, get a 90 minute massage or spa session, get 1:1 private consultation with Isabel, and enjoy a luscious fancy dinner out!

Does not include extra accommodation nights, but we can assist with bookings.

Are you ready to dive into this transformative experience?