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10 Days / 9 Nights
Winter 2019

A Journey To Tantric Bliss: 10 Days of Tantra

with Judith Anne Condon & Swami Ganga

Accompanied By Members Of The Journeys To Tantric Bliss Tribe

Khajuraho, India

Oct 11th – Oct 20th, 2019

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~ Connect, Travel, Transform ~
Journey to India with a group of like minded seekers, activating the infinite magic of ancient Tantra in your mind, body, spirit, and heart.

Are you interested in feeling more expanded, orgasmic, grounded, joyful, and grateful?
Would you like to to deepen the love you have for life, for yourself, and your partner(s), while you learn the ancient practices of Tantra, in exotic and sensual India?!

If so, join Judith Anne Condon, Swami Ganga and the Journeys to Tantric Bliss Tribe for a 10 Day Journey to Khajuraho, India, one of the birthplaces of Tantra. This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the famous erotic temples and experience meditations with renowned Khajuraho guide Swami Ganga. In addition to visiting these ancient temples, you will start and end your day with morning and evening rituals, visit refreshing forests and waterfalls, travel to one of India’s last remaining tiger preserves, and have plenty of free time for Ayurvedic spa visits or to enjoy the colorful Indian town.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling limited in your ability to love… Tantric practices can help to uncover your innate ability for intimacy and allow it to spring to life.

Feeling dull and lifeless in your partnerships… Relax into your wellspring of wisdom and watch those partnerships come alive. When we use tantric practices, we come out of our minds and into our bodies. Feel the greatest joy you know in your heart is possible! Within the safe and sacred container created in the retreat, you will be able to  feel more and more deeply. 10 Days of Tantra is JUST what you’ve been looking for to be able to access a new type of vitality that you can embody and carry into the rest of your life.

This retreat is the perfect environment for both Individuals & couples to explore the magic of ancient tantra at one of it’s birthplaces in India. There’s no need to do this alone, worrying about planning travel to India, as we will have all the details planned for you!
Explore the exotic temples of Khajuraho, an energetic vortex, meet with the Baul Tantric Mystic, relax with a wide variety of ayurvedic treatments, and journeying to one of India’s last Tiger reserves.

If you’re a seeker of all that life and love has to offer, one who is comfortable with travel to exotic places, within and without, and someone who’s ready to activate the infinite magic of ancient Tantra in your mind, body, spirit, and heart, then join Judith Anne, Swami Ganga and members of the Journeys to Tantric Bliss tribe … for the Tantric trip of a lifetime!


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DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION (DEL) Delhi Airport and Khajuraho Airport (HJR)
RETREAT START: Arrival on October 11th
RETREAT ENDS: Departure on October 20th
WEAR Comfortable Tropical Retreat Attire suitable for Cultural norms of India 
  • Pre and Post Retreat Meetings with Fellow Travelers
  • Private International Retreat Facebook Group Membership
  • 2 nights accommodations in Delhi Hotel on arrival and departure
  • 7 nights accommodations in Khajuraho
  • 3 catered meals per day
  • Opening and Closing Circles
  • Fire, Cacao and other Ceremonies
  • Tantra Workshops with Judith
  • Guided tours to the Ancient Khajuraho Temples
  • Hike to Refreshing Waterfall
  • Trip to Tiger Reserve
  • Airfare to from (DEL) Delhi Airport and Khajuraho Airport (HJR)
  • Tips
  • Any Meals Eaten on Own
  • Spa Services
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Extra Excursions
  • Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments

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  • Single Room = $2750
  • Shared Room = $2450

Judith Anne Condon & Swami Ganga

About Judith

Judith Anne Condon, Founder of Journeys to Tantric Bliss and a Conscious Relationship & Tantra Coach is dedicated to educating modern minds on the ancient secrets of Tantra. Tantra. It’s a path of meditation…what sets it apart from other ‘paths’ is that it looks to the wisdom of the body and the senses as a means to becoming more present and alive in every aspect of our life. Tantra sees lovemaking as an important key in accessing ‘bliss’ or ‘ecstasy’. Our bodies have a deep wisdom that modern life has become accustomed to ignoring.
Judith’s primary inspiration and training comes from time spent learning and sharing the practices of Sky Dancing Tantra, a synthesis of ancient Hindu, Tibetan and contemporary Conscious Relationship strategies brought to the west by Margot Anand. Judith has engaged in this endeavor for more than 20 years. In addition Judith has engaged in learning and sharing the ancient tantric practices of Osho Rajneesh, the bioenergetics of Wilhelm Reich, the kundalini yoga of Yogi Bhajan and continues to expand and enrich her offerings by constant study and practices on her own including holistic nutrition, expressionist movement, art and song.
Judith coaches individuals and couples in person in Boulder, CO and via the Internet worldwide extending her reach from California to New York in the USA and internationally to London, the south of France and India. She is available in person outside of Boulder, Co under special arrangements. As Founder of Journeys to Tantric Bliss she offer 3,5 and 10 Days of Tantra Retreats Worldwide.

About Swami Ganga

Swami Ganga met Osho in the 1960’s and subsequently, became his guide during Osho’s many visits to Khajuraho. By luck, chance or destiny, while still a teenager, Swami Ganga found himself in the hands of one of the greatest Tantra Masters ever born. Osho proceeded to offer Ganga a powerful transmission on the nature of Khajuraho, including its original intent, it’s esoteric history and also about each aspect of the symbolism of these magnificent temples. Ganga offers his time and his sublime presence and wisdom to groups of seekers who come from all over the world, to drink in his eloquent wisdom.

Watch a video with him here –

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Khajuraho is an energy vortex, one of the birthplaces of Tantra in India. Built over a 1000 years ago, some of the most graphic, erotic and sensuous sculptures the world has known are on the temple walls of Khajuraho. Every facade – wall, window, pillar, and ceiling – of Khajuraho is carved with figures of mythical and historical origins. Tantric adepts from all over the sub-continent came to Khajuraho.

Osho, the Indian mystic in his commentary on the temples stated

“..if you meditate in Khajuraho, you will know what the Tantra masters were doing. They were creating in stone something that is felt in the ultimate orgasmic joy. It was the most difficult thing to do, to bring ecstasy into the stone. And if the stone can show the ecstasy, then everybody can move into that ecstasy easily. Khajuraho sculpture is not just to see, it is for meditation. Sit silently and meditate for hours. Meditate on each possible inner posture of orgasmic joy. And then, slowly slowly, the at-one-ment, slowly slowly, the harmony; then suddenly you are transported into another world — the world of those mystics who created this temple.”

Situated in the heart of Central India, Khajuraho is a fascinating village with a quaint rural ambience and a rich cultural heritage. The fascinating temples of Khajuraho, India’s unique gift of love to the world, represent the expression of a highly matured civilization.One of the most visited destinations for thousands of world-roaming tourists and art lovers, throughout the year – Khajuraho Temples, epitomize the excellence and glory of the art of sculpturing that flourished around the Tenth century in India. These marvels of medieval India were built by the warrior kings of the Chandela Dynasty.

About The Harmony Hotel

The Hotel Harmony, run by Swami Ganga, is a convenient 15 minute drive from the airport and a 5 minutes walking distance from the western temples At the Hotel Harmony you will find a mixture of organic, ecological, ethical and modern influences. The garden and courtyards provide a perfect setting for a relaxing visit with the green lawns and cozy corners. The accommodation includes elegant well appointed rooms with private balconies overlooking a peaceful Lotus Pond. The Hotel Harmony offers fresh homemade food from the Zorba the Buddha Osho Restaurant. This multi-cuisine restaurant, serves a wholesome vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine that is a popular local and tourist destination. The open kitchen, ensures that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained while the large sunny courtyard and nice colorful rooftop create the perfect dining atmosphere.

The hotel amenities include:

  • Surrounded by trees and birds, set in quiet and relaxing Garden environment
  • Well furnished & aesthetically pleasing air-conditioned rooms
  • Decorated with traditional frescoes
  • Telephone with long distance
  • Tea/Coffee makers
  • Wi-fi enabled building
  • Souvenir shop selling handicrafts, silver jewellery, etc.
  • Laundry – Same day, if giving by 9AM
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Ecologically sensible operations and practices
  • Exchange library and reading room

Travel Details


Book 2 Round Trip Flights:

1 – Home City To/From Delhi Airport (DEL)

Feb 11th or 12th to arrive in Delhi on  Feb 13th

Return on Feb 22nd

2 – DEL To/from  Khajuraho Airport (HJR)

Afternoon Feb 14th – Afternoon Feb 21st

Keep in mind, you may need to depart the US 1 – 2 days before the day you plan to arrive.


All foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport with a valid visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post abroad. Click HERE to learn more about the e-TOURIST VISA (eTV) online application process.

You must APPLY for this within 30 days of travel so AFTER January 14th.

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The Harmony Hotel provides tastefully furnished rooms offering all comforts and luxuries. Ample sunlight, fresh air and quiet environs make it an ideal place to stay.

We offer a comfortable stay with the following features, common to all rooms:

  • Well lit and ventilated rooms overlooking courtyards or gardens.
  • Aesthetically pleasing décor, with traditional frescoes and paintings.
  • Direct dial telephone from all rooms.
  • Special emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.
  • All deluxe rooms have a refrigerator, hair dryers and tea/coffee makers; most have a balcony.
  • All rooms have television with national and international channels

Room Options

  • Single Room = $2750
  • Shared Room = $2450

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Arrival Day 1 – Oct 11th

  • Arrive Delhi – Overnight in Delhi

Day 2 – Oct 12th

  • Depart to Khajuraho by Plane
  • Arrive to Hotel Harmony
  • Welcome Circle
  • Dinner

Day 3 – Day 8

  • Morning Ritual
  • Breakfast
  • Journey to the Temples / Tantra Workshops with Judith / Excursions to Waterfall Or Tiger Reserve
  • Lunch Break
  • Free Time / Spa Treatments
  • Dinner
  • Evening Ritual

Day 9 

  • Morning Ritual
  • Breakfast
  • Completion Ceremony
  • Lunch
  • Depart Khajuraho by Plane
  • Arrive Delhi
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in Delhi

Day 10 – Departure Day – Feb 22nd

  • Breakfast
  • Depart Delhi

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“Judith Anne is a truly wonderful tantra coach. For me, she embodies the very heart and spirit of Tantra. I experience a very clear transmission of this healing and sacred tradition when in her presence.”

-O.E. Boulder, CO

“Judith is a true healer; it’s a unique privilege to share time with her. My experiences were exhilarating, unsettling and their revelations, astounding. After my series of sessions I feel reborn.”

-M. W. SantaFe, NM

“Rod and I have never been happier with ourselves or our relationship. Deciding to learn about Tantra with Judith Anne is one of the best decision we have ever made.”

– R & G, Spokane, Washington