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8 Days / 7 Nights
Spring 2019

Follow Your Intuition To Crete:

Awaken Your Inner Goddess Retreat

with Marcia Wade and Natalie Cutsforth

Zorbas Island, Crete, Greece

Saturday April 13 – Saturday April 20, 2019

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Discover the magic of Crete as your guides, astrologer Marcia Wade and clairvoyant Natalie Cutsforth, invite you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable exploration of the ancient roots of the goddess and her gifts of intuition, inner-wisdom, and mystical connection with the earth.

Marcia will guide you through the labyrinth of time to the taproot of the Divine Feminine. On the towering slopes of Mount Ida — the great mountain of the goddess that sprawls across half the island — you’ll enter the Cave of Zeus, where the Earth Goddess Rhea gave birth to her youngest child.  Amid the splendor of the Minoan palace at Knossos and the stunning treasures in the Archaeological Museum in the capital city of Heraklion, you’ll discover first-hand the creative brilliance that flowered in the goddess-centered culture of Crete. You’ll learn how the consciousness embodied here has influenced our Western culture — and how the astrology of 2018 is awakening it.  

Throughout our time on Crete, you’ll deepen and integrate your outer experience with an inner journey. Natalie Cutsforth will teach you divination practices that allow you to connect directly with your higher self and the Divine Mystery, from ritual to beach walking meditations. Tapping the stream of inspiration that has flowed from ancient Crete through the centuries, we’ll have our own version of the prophecies given by the Oracle of Delphi, a thousand years after the Minoans. Every step of the way, you’ll awaken your sixth-sensory intelligence through personal connection with the beauty of this ancient isle. On Crete, the sand between your toes, the savory cuisine, magical scents, and the visual splendor of the island itself are gateways to the Goddess as nowhere on Earth.



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RETREAT START: Check in at 1 PM on April 13
RETREAT ENDS: Check out at 10 AM on April 20
WEAR Comfortable yoga, travel attire, bathing suit, good walking shoes.
  • 7 nights lodging at beachfront apartments in Crete
  • All breakfasts and dinners
  • Group transportation to / from Heraklion Airport
  • Presentations with Q & A on the culture of Crete and the Astrology of our times
  • Tours of ancient art, artifacts. and sacred sites
  • Guided meditation, divination, and yoga
  • Full Moon Ritual
  • Plenty of free time to explore Crete
  • Airfare to / from Heraklion (HER) Crete
  • Some Lunches on Your Own
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Extra Excursions and Activities
  • Greek Cooking Class
  • Sailing
  • Hiking
  • Private Sessions – Astrological Readings with Marcia or Intuitive Readings with Natalie

(See ROOMS tab at top of page for more information)

  • $2795 for a Single Apartment
  • $2495 for a Shared Apartment

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Marcia Wade

Marcia Wade, founder of Star Sister Astrology, began studying astrology with the book she bought on the way out the door after her chart reading 35 years ago. She finished it the following day and hasn’t stopped since.

For even longer, she’s been reading non-stop about the ancient mythologies of the feminine since her mother gave her a book on Greek mythology for children when she was seven. As soon as she read the story of Persephone and her mother, it was just a matter of time before she got to Greece and on to the island of Crete.

The masterclass in the zeitgeist that is her Aquarian rising destiny has led her on a winding and adventure-filled path – teaching Women Studies, writing about the visual, performing, literary, and folk arts for national publications, raising money for good causes, and reading astrology charts for clients around the world, while traveling to sacred sites throughout the Americas and Europe. Nothing, however, has had a deeper impact on her life than re-connecting with Persephone, with astrology, and with Crete at the great turning of the ages.



Natalie Cutsforth

Natalie Cutsforth helps women and men on the path to inner-peace align with their soul essence, dissolving unconscious blocks and updating soul vows. She is a powerful clairvoyant who sees where healing is available through release of the charge from unresolved experiences in the soul’s memory. Natalie connects with the sixth-sensory world to free her clients to create the experiences they desire in this life. She makes mystical practices accessible, teaching energy awareness tools, ritual, and intuition skills. Natalie’s grounded approach to healing comes from equal acceptance of the raw realities of earthly life and the magic of unlimited possibilities.

Join Us in Crete

Zorbas Island, Crete

Island of CRETE
Cradled in the sparkling waters of the eastern Mediterranean, the island of Crete has been a mother lode of Divine Feminine mystery for millennia.  Here, even the warm, sage-scented  breezes, drifting across the island from the caves of towering mountains,  stir our mystical minds and awaken our deepest intuition. A gateway between cultures for millennia, Crete today is a portal to ancient mysteries like no other place on earth — a planetary taproot of the goddess. Nowhere in our world has a civilization like that of the Minoans on Crete flourished so long and so fully  — in peace, abundance and reverence for the Divine Feminine and her mysteries. Even the name of this magical island means “strong goddess.”

Zorbas Island

We chose the location of Zorbas Island for its central location on the coast, which makes it an ideal place for exploring the special locations of Crete. The peaceful surroundings make relaxing at the beautiful swimming pool or on on of the sunbeds under and umbrella on the sandy beach the perfect place to unwind after exploring the island. Traditional Greek style food is served in an outdoor tavern overlooking the breathtaking view of the sea.

Directly situated at the beach, Zorbas Island, offers a sea view and a swimming pool. Around the apartments is a beautiful garden with little shady corners. The apartments have a separate bedroom, kitchen area and air conditioning. These apartments are ideal if you want peace and privacy during your holidays. From the quiet swimming pool with sunbeds you look at the sea and the Island of Dia. The sandy beach is right outside the door, for a lovely relaxation at the sea.

From this complex you walk within 5 minutes to the main street of Kokkini Hani, where you will find cash machines, bus stops, a pharmacy and various shops. At the beach road towards Zorbas Island is a delicious fish tavern. Of course you can use all the services and facilities of Zorbas Island. Even when you want to book half board, you can stay in these apartments and enjoy the now famous Greek cuisine at Zorbas Island. Whilst walking a few minutes to Zorbas Island, you can look at an amazing sunset!

Travel Details

Flights – Book your roundtrip airfare to/ from Heraklion (HER), Crete.

ARRIVE – Plan to arrive on Saturday April 13 in the afternoon.

You may need to depart 1 – 2 days prior.

If flight times land you late in the evening, we can suggest a hotel in Heraklion for you to stay the night before retreat begins.

DEPART – Plan to depart on Saturday April 20, 2019 in the afternoon.

 The most common airlines flying to Heraklion Crete are British Airways (, EasyJet ( and Aegean Airlines.

Check Room Availability and Register Here

Rooms are located in private apartments. The clean, spacious apartments are simply furnished, but don’t lack anything. Each apartment has air conditioning, refrigerator, and kitchenette with a stove top. The biggest advantage of this accommodation is that the apartments have separate bedrooms for privacy as well as a common living room area, and outdoor porch. All the facilities of Zorbas Island can be used.

Every 3 days the apartments will be cleaned and sheets and towels will be changed.

Room Options

  • $2795 for a Single Apartment
  • $2495 for a Shared Apartment

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(Subject to Change)

Saturday, April 13th –  Day 1

  • Arrive
  • Transport from Heraklion to Zorbas Island at 1 pm.
  • Opening Circle
  • Dinner

Sunday, April 14th – Day 2

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Herstory with Marcia
  • Intro to Walking Meditation, Divination with Natalie
  • Writing Practise
  • Lunch on Own
  • Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Dream Circle

Monday, April 15th – Day 3

  • Walking Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion to Knossos
  • Out to Lunch
  • Visit Museum / Walk Around Heraklion
  • Dinner

Tuesday, April 16th – Day 4

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Natalie – Oracle of Delphi Divination
  • Walking Meditation / Writing
  • Marcia – Mount Ida
  • Lunch on Own
  • Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Dream Circle

Wednesday, April 17th – Day 5

  • Walking Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion to Mount Ida
  • Cave Ritual
  • Out to Lunch
  • Free Time
  • Dinner

Thursday, April 18th – Day 6

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Sensory Awareness Day
  • Walking Meditation / Writing
  • Lunch on Own
  • Free Time
  • Full Moon Ceremony
  • Greek BBQ Night

Friday, April 19th – Day 7

  • Walking Meditation / Writing
  • Breakfast
  • Free Time
  • Closing Circle
  • Dinner

Saturday, April 20th – Day 8

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Check out
  • Depart