One tour per person
8 Days / 7 Nights
Guatemala, Honduras
Spring 2019

The Healing Path Of The Ancient Maya

with AumRak Sapper
Yoga with Lex Irias

Copan, Honduras

March 27th – April 3rd, 2019

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Are you a seeker of a transcendental spiritual experiences and learning about the shamanic healing ways of the Ancient Maya?

Experience the healing Vortex where The Maya healers were initiated, surrounded by nature and one of the most beautiful Maya ruins, with Maya Priestess and shaman AumRak.

While enjoying delicious food and the hot springs where the ancient ones came for purification and horseback riding: you can learn the sacred work of natural healing in connection with the 4 elements.

In Sacred Space and in ceremony, you will get to heal old mental programs and negative experiences.  You will also learn to be guided by the Maya Calendar to use as a map of time. You will also have the option to have a Mayan Oracle reading to be guided in your true life path.

Learn to REconnect with your True Self and how to be in Service to Mother Earth in these transformational times on this mystical 7 day retreat!


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RETREAT START: Check in March 27 after lunch
RETREAT ENDS: Comfortable yoga and retreat attire for warm weather, one ceremonial outfit in white, good walking shoes,  bring crystals and power objects.
  • 5 nights accommodations at Hacienda San Lucas
  • 2 nights accommodations in Antigua for arrival and departure
  • 3 meals a day
  • Transport to / from GUA Airport
  • Daily yoga with Lex
  • Ceremonies, Teachings and Healings with AumRak
  • Guided Tour to Copan Ruins
  • Guided Tour to Hot Springs
  • Flights to / from Guate
  • Extra excursions
  • Spa Treatments
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Mayan Oracle Reading with AumRak
  • Horseback riding
  • Visit a Coffee Farm
  • Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve
  • Birding
  • Traditional Cooking Class

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  • Single = $2495
  • Double = $2050
  • Triple = $1950
  • Quad = $1895

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Aum Rak

 About AumRak

Since 1977, AumRak has been blessed to channel the loving energies and messages of “MAMITA”, the name that she uses to refer to Mother Earth.  As a timekeeper of the Sacred Mayan Calendar, an initiated Mayan priestess and a High Priestess of Melchizedek: she is here to serve the planet and humanity as an instrument in service of the living God/Goddess – to harmonize the energies of the four direction and activate vortexes for healing. As a teacher and interpersonal psychologist, AumRak offers workshops and seminars all over the world. She believes it’s imperative to share the knowledge she has accumulated in order to empower people to choose a path of enlightenment, to live a life of purpose and in pursuit of happiness and spiritual unity.From a very young age, AumRak was fascinated by the Spiritual path, which led her to develop a deep connection to nature. Yoga and books on the subjects of metaphysics took her deeper into her search of truth and spirituality. Finally, She was drawn to the shamanic tradition of her homeland, and the Mayan civilization. To become a Mayan priestess AumRak embarked on pilgrimages to 20 different sacred sites in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala. Her teacher, Padre Juan de Dios, guided her process as a Mayan apprentice. Facing my fears and my insecurities, She learned to harmonize herself, find the lessons of each experience and allowed her life to become a celebration.Following the Sacred Maya Calendar, she learned to understand it as a map of time, and flowing with it, she learned to live in total surrender to her inner guidance, her feelings, and her connection with the All. 

Lex Irias

Alexis Irias, also know as Lex, first met AumRak 12 years ago in Roatan, Honduras, her native country. She was 18 at the time as she watched and listened in wonder to the conversations that AumRak had with friends who had recently returned from Bali. They spoke of meditation, Yoga, the importance of caring for the earth and of holistic healing techniques. They spoke with love, compassion and intention. This resonated with her and from that day on she modeled herself after these powerful conscious women, and became deeply curios about ancient wisdom and healing.

Her yoga practice developed soon after. Having experienced both physical and emotional trauma, she claims yoga is the best discovery and biggest blessing that has manifested into her life. She became fascinated with the healing capabilities of the mind/body connection through the breath and found deep spiritual fulfillment with this practice. She immersed herself into different styles of yoga, including hatha, ashtanga, kundalini, hot yoga, yin and restorative she found a love and connection to all modalities.

For more than eight years she found joy and peace with being a student, so much so she hesitated to teach. Even after completing yoga teacher training to deepen her own practice, she didn’t jump into teaching but instead kept experiencing different classes and workshops. She completed a level one Reiki certification, and studied meditation, joyfulness and buddhism for a few years with Kunga Dawa in Boulder, CO. It wasn’t until recently meeting with AumRak again that she felt truly called to step into the role of an instructor and offer her wisdom to the community. She now teaches a Spanish yoga and meditation class in Denver, CO and will soon be teaching more classes in the local community.

Her classes incorporate a unique blend of all the healing modalities she has learned and continues to learn. She emphasizes the importance of being raw and true to oneself while we go through this fascinating human experience; a human experience that is worth embracing as one of it’s kind yet connected to all beings.

She’s incredibly excited and honored to be teaching yoga for AumRak’s retreat in Copan, Honduras. One of her soul’s mission on this earth is to plant seeds of consciousness in a country that she feels incredibly passionate about and that at this time needs it. She hopes this event will bring together individuals who will bring light and love to Honduras while learning about ancient Mayan wisdom and shamanic healing.

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Hacienda San Lucas

Hacienda San Lucas is a 100-year old property that was converted into an eco-lodge in 2000. The hacienda is situated on 300 acres of pristine tropical forest in Western Honduras, and overlooks the renowned Maya Ruins of Copan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hacienda was lovingly restored by hand to its original design using only local materials, techniques and labor. The pioneering success of Hacienda San Lucas sends a powerful signal to the region that sustainable ecotourism works. San Lucas now serves as a role model for positive change.

Enjoy the Gaia Meditation and Yoga Pavilion, the perfect place for morning and sunset yoga and meditations with its sweeping views of the green valley below. The restaurant at San Lucas is a culinary destination all of its own. Not only can you indulge your palate in our inspired regional cuisine prepared by our creative local Maya Chorti staff, but you can also join Us and learn to roll tortillas and wrap tamales.

Not to mention, The Hacienda boasts its very own Mayan ruins on-site!

The mission of Hacienda San Lucas is to provide guests a unique and unforgettable experience based on a spiritual commitment to share our family’s patrimony of an authentic rural hacienda that is helping the development of neighboring communities. This responsibility includes the care and preservation of the nature and archaeology, as well as personal attention to each visitor, so that our guests feel like personal friends of our family.

Travel Details


Book your round trip flights to / from Guatemala City Airport (GUA)

Arrival – March 27th

Departure – April 3rd

Or plan to stay some extra days in Antigua on your own.

Guatemala to Honduras

We will travel together by group shuttle. Its a 3 – 4 hour drive from Antigua to Hacienda San Lucas, Copan.

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The Hacienda makes every effort to offer each visitor a unique cultural experience with personal attention to every detail, and service that makes guests feel at home, like family friends. The 8 adobe built spacious rooms have two double beds, private baths, hot water, solar light, and ceiling fans. Free WIFI connection is available to our guests in the Veranda and Main House. Spending the night in a candlelit San Lucas room is a truly enchanting and unforgettable experience. There is an AC plug in each bathroom (for charging your electronics).

Maybe it’s the beds, hand-crafted from local cedar; or our comfortable mattresses… Or perhaps it’s just the soothing lullaby of undisturbed nature – far from the bustle, lights and noise of modernity. Some swear it’s the mysterious spirit of Los Sapos, our onsite Maya ruins that nurtures such blissful slumber. But whatever the source, year after year, our guests assure us that a night at San Lucas was their best night’s sleep in years.


  • Single = $2495
  • Double = $2050
  • Triple = $1950
  • Quad = $1895

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March 27, 2019 – Arrival Day

  • Arrive at hotel in Antigua
  • Dinner

March 28 – In the Mayan Calendar: 4 Q’anil:  

  • Breakfast
  • Transport to Copan by Bus
  • Arriva at Hacienda San Lucas
  • Opening Ceremony: According to the Sacred Maya Calendar it is a day of the seeds we plant. Presentation of our intentions in Sacred Fire ceremony.
  • Dinner at Hacienda

March 29 – 5 Toj: Connection with Mother Earth

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion to Copan Ruins. Earth ceremony. Connect with the Energy of the place, with a guided tour by archeologist David Sedat.
  • Lunch at the ruins
  • Visit to the archeological museum
  • Free Time in the village
  • Dinner at Hacienda

March 30 – 6 Tzi: Sharing the Unconditional Love: Water ceremony

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion to Luna Jaguar, the sacred Hot springs of the Ancient Maya (Please bring swimming suits, stones, incense.)
  • Lunch at the site
  • Meditation for Peace and Healing of Honduras
  • Dinner at Hacienda

March 31 – 7 Batz: The Mystical Time travel

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Visit to Los Sapos
  • Lunch at the Hacienda
  • Air ceremony at Gaia Temple
  • Dinner at Hacienda

April 1 – 8 Ee: The Harmony in our Spiritual Path

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Free Time in the village
  • Lunch
  • Closing Sacred Fire Ceremony at Gaia
  • Dinner

April 2

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Pack and Depart
  • Shuttle to Antigua
  • Dinner

April 3 – Departure Day

  • Breakfast
  • Depart to Guate Airport

“I have known AumRak Sapper for many years, as colleague Shaman, consciousness expander, and community leader.  She is one of the most articulate, ethical and effective Shaman on the planet. Her workshops and presentations are most enlightening, entertaining, and relevant. I highly recommend her for conducting retreats, workshops, presentations and residencies at consciousness centers, festivals, and for ceremonies. She is an A+ Shaman, shamanic educator, facilitator and human being! She appreciate knowledge from many fields, including medicine, philosophy, music, and more. Anyone who gets to spend time with her is very fortunate.”

~ Norman Katz PHD

AumRak lives her life as a shaman – her example teaches all who know her. A few words from her can change your life. It has for me and I am forever grateful.

~ Barbara C Lemaire, PhD, Reiki Master, Coach.

My testimony is that when I was starting to walk the shamanic path, I found many male guides, and the nanas  (female mayan spiritual guides) were not empowered. AumRak allowed me to meet a strong Mother, healed to be able to guide us.  She taught me to be compassionate and persistent in my spiritual formation, she helped me to become a better (spiritual) guide and to believe in my own power.  She supported me a lot in my own transformation, From a little worm to a butterfly. Thank you for your light, and that you bring the best of your Self to the whole World.”