One tour per person
Early Bird
10 Days / 9 Nights
Spring 2020

Women’s Wild Divine Bali –

 A Feminine Restoration Dance Retreat

with Ixeeya Lin


March 1 – 10, 2020 

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~ Dance – Yoga – Ritual – Circling ~

Restore your Wild,  Sensual, Divine, Feminine Essence

Awaken your New Way with Passion and Levity 


Enjoy 10 days in Bali

Exploring culture, nature and your Inner Wisdom.

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– Are you ready to OPEN to the wisdom of your body

and the ancient healing origins of Dance, Ritual and Yoga?


– Are you willing to FREE yourself from constraints and burn out

and allow your feminine power and creative energy to FLOW?

…With levity, passion, play and spiritual depth?


– Does the idea of dancing your way across

the Island of the Gods get you inspired?!


If so, the Women’s Wild Divine Bali Retreat

with Ixeeya Lin

is your  trip of a lifetime….


This 10 day Feminine Restoration Dance  Journey

to Bali is an initiation into your new beginning.




 Bali is a culture and land laden with 

wild and divine beauty;  perfect for supporting

personal awakening of your inner

wild divine feminine wisdom.


From waterfalls, to temples, dolphins to sacred dancers you will be immersed

in both the cultural and natural gifts of Bali. Be guided through potent body prayers

that will  have you feeling inspired and awakened to your unique feminine grace and power.

We guide you in integrating the gifts of Bali through the medicine of  healing dance, sacred ritual

and supportive sisterhood circles … we call this the ancient recipe for awakening feminine power,

the wisdom, grace and sacred mission inside every woman!





Your Personal Journey …

We see this retreat for women at a cross roads in their lives, who long for

time to get to know themselves all over again… time to  integrate and

reassess who they are now, renegotiate who they thought they were

and set some new foundation for the new emerging  feminine leader

they are becoming in their own lives.

The Healing Dance Methods are a yoga that help you

release and renegotiate old habits, shame and negative thoughts through

each of the feminine life cycles so you can have fun with embodying

new aspects that are longing to be expressed and lived out loud now!



Release the old – Reveal the new – Reclaim your spirit! 

 Imagine returning to your day to day feeling at home in your body,

infused with the sensual empowerment of Bali,  feeling clear and ready

 to share your unique gifts with the world embodied with your authentic

 feminine receptive power…

How might your life be different?

This is the vision we hold for you. 



How the Retreat starts!

 We start in the heart of Bali’s cultural center Ubud, then make

our way to the north to a more secluded, wilder, beachside Bali.

You will get to experience both the cultural connection to Balinese

traditional dance and ritual then deepen your practice with the

flowing waters of the sea, the purification of the water temple

and a dolphin attunement. We are calling on Dolphin medicine

to dance with us for this journey.

The dolphin brings us the wisdom of prune and play, passion

and circulation. All so much more about that on our monthly full moon call.

Dolphin is a very special ally to have!




We offer you :

  • Morning Yoga Dance Rituals
  • Afternoon Embodiment : Sensual, Ecstatic, Healing Dance Practices
  • Balinese Temple Dance and Sacred Arts Practices
  • Wild Roaming through waterfalls and beaches
  • Temple Excursions &  Purifications
  • Nightly Sister Circle Rituals
  • Healing Mudra Meditations
  • Organic Nourishing  Foods
  • Deep Beauty Bliss Spa Treatments


  • New Way Initiation Curriculum to thrive at home
  • The way of the Womb Path: WOMB Dance/Tantric Breath
  • Closing Full Moon Sea Side Initiation Ritual
  • Boat Ride & Dolphin play


This retreat will provide you the opportunity, guidance and practices

 to get to know your self all over again… experience and embody your new way!



Is this Journey for you?

It is for you if you… 

  •  Need to feel honored and welcomed into a new role or cycle of life.
  • Need to get away to reset  learn and grow.
  •  Are curious
    about feminine power and leadership.
  •  Need to unearth more confidence, spiritual centering and inner vision.
  • Want to instill more feminine yin principles into your life
  • Are on the edge of an ending or grief  and need support integrating
  • Are a leader or facilitator who needs to be held in your own journey
  • Are wanting change  and a new beginning
  • Long to remember and experience your wild, sexy, divine, feminine essence
  • Want to be more relaxed and trusting of women and know more about sisterhood
  • Are curious about  scared womb wisdom and how to access it

Retreating together to discover the way forward…

because the feminine aspect of ourselves so often 

desires community reflection to thrive and feel who she is.

Our sister share circles are powerful. You are seen, heard and honored

for all you are, all you desire to let go of  and step into.

Ixeeya is a potent and passionate spiritual circle guide and dance movement healer,

with over 15 years of tending women’s healing circles and empowerment.

We invite you, because we believe in you,

We believe in the gift you came to be to the earth 

We know the healing power of dance helps women experience

the gift she is and reveal the gifts she came to give.

Dance is a cross cultural ancient medicine that has tapped us into

this wild wisdom, divine clarity and devotion for thousands of years.

Shall We DANCE ! 

You will experience a gentle weave of free flow and sacred geometry temple dances

as well as WOMB dance yoga, ( fusion of  belly dance and asana) tantric breath work

and vocal attunments to help you discover and refine your

inner power and the deep truth of your gifts .

Why Bali?

Bali has offered herself to the world

for many years as a place

to surrender into the medicine of sensual beauty

and devotion of the feminine essence.

The balinese culture is steeped in

natural and cultural depth, ritual offering and prayer

that so often gets lost in modern culture.

Womens Tent Global Sisterhood Retreats aim

to be a cross pollination of feminine healing where ever we land

to restore the feminine together as a

global sisterhood honoring that each culture and each woman

has a piece to contribute to this riddle.



Celebrating the New Way…

It takes great beauty and strength to outshine the pain

the feminine has endured to become her renewed powerful self

and still keep her yin essence intact.

It takes stepping away from what is familiar to see what else is possible.

We provide a sacred container, support and sacred embodiment practice

to discover your path forward.

We believe the more we awaken that supreme power,

the power within that is connected to our spiritual body and sacred mission,

we are most powerful and aligned with our deepest joy and inner radiance.

That unique radiance of each woman’s feminine expression is a great gift to the earth at this time.



Sign up for our

Bali Retreat Interview.

If you are called to be a in an intimate group of women to enjoy and explore

the gifts of Bali, to be initiated by her sensual wild beauty and devotion

through the life cycles of womanhood to rediscover yourself then find us

to claim your space. *Space is limited.

Set up your interview here….



Not sure about leaving the country

but you have always wanted to travel?

Don’t worry, We have you covered. All your travel details will be handled.

All you have to do is get your plane ticket and  pack your bags.

And you don’t need much because the Balinese climate is hot and the markets very affordable

to buy some new cloths to express the  NEW YOU!



Wait there is more ! 

We will be meeting once a month on live zoom call each Full moon for 6 months

prior to our journey to discuss the Balinese culture, how to dress, what to bring,

how to set your intentions and prepare for this New Way Initiation.

This New Way is about sisterhood supporting each other and working together.

We are rising together.

*This monthly online gathering is included in your Retreat Fee.


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RETREAT START: Check in 4pm on March 1st, 2020
RETREAT ENDS: Check out at noon on march 10th, 2020
WEAR Comfortable, tropical retreat attire, dance wear, 2 special ceremonial outfits (1 white, 1 red).
  • 9 nights accommodations
  • 3 Organic Nourishing Purifying meals per day
  • Airport Transfers to / from DPS Airport on start and end days of retreat
  • Daily Morning Yoga Dance Rituals with Ixeeya
  • Afternoon Sensual, Ecstatic, Healing Dance practices with Ixeeya
  • Balinese Temple Dance and Sacred Arts Practices
  • 2 Balinese Deep Beauty Bliss Massages
  • Balinese Dance Performance
  • Balinese Dance Workshop
  • Offering Making Workshop
    Visit to Saraswati Temple
  • Visit to Tirta Empul the Water Temple
  • Waterfall Hike
  • Dolphin Play Boat Tour
  • Wild roaming through waterfalls and beaches
  • Temple Purifications
  • Nightly sister circles
  • 6 month Women’s Virtual Circle
  • Sacred Sisterhood
  • The signature New Way Initiation Curriculum
  • The way of the Womb Path
  • Airfare to / from Bali
  • Extra Spa Services
  • Extra Excursions
  • Tips
  • Exploring Ubud
  • Shopping in Ubud
  • Privates with Ixeeya

(See ROOMS tab at top of the page for more information)

  • Private Room = $2850
  • Shared Room = $2600

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Ixeeya Lin

“With wild woman blood running through her lineage and her heart has lead her to study with shamanic teachers and practices from around the world. She is the goddess of many faces.”

Ixeeya Lin is the founder of Women’s Tent Nomadic Sanctuary and On Line School and W.O.M.B Dance method for womens sacred embodiment, dedicated to empowering women and helping them heal shame and modern burn out to reconnect to their wild divine wisdom within and a renewed trust of sisterhood.

As a Women’s Shamanic Guide & Teacher, Ordained Priestess, Sacred Dancer, Wholistic Health Practitioner, and Yoga & Meditation Teacher, she is especially passionate about women reclaiming the rhythm of their Womb, the Seasons and Moon cycles to rise together in alliship with the earth.

Her retreats are a culmination of 20 years of red-tenting, ceremony and sacred dance.  Body, earth and movement centered ritual journeys that offer specific technique as well as deep remembering and transformation at pivotal life transitions.

Ixeeya has been providing a transformational doorway for women to walk through for 20 years. She has created The New Way, a weaving of hearts, culture, the natural elements, life cycles and creative expression for the cultivation of your divine purpose and sacred mission.
She feels that a true restoration of the feminine on earth is possible through you.

She gives you the first steps to real embodied authentic success. Success that integrates the feminine and the sacred.

Ixeeya feels it’s her mission to help you realize, heal and give the gift you are to the world.
Once you an be the true you, you can be in service of our earth and help co-create the the future.
She is committed to your spiritual awakening and success.

With yoga, meditative dance, temple arts and Ixeeya cultivates a magical transformative space for you to review the life cycles, the stories you have written and step into the new life awaiting you.

Get the best of both worlds of Bali – Culture and Nature.

Spend 5 nights exploring the culture of Bali in the epicenter Ubud followed by 4 nights relaxing amidst the untouched, raw beauty of the ocean in the north.


The Ubud Location is centrally located in the heart of Ubud, adjacent to the Monkey Forest, Saraswati Temple, Ubud Palace, shops and restaurants.

Oceanside Location

This location in the North is oceanfront, calm, serene and will be the perfect spot for our Full Moon Finale on the beach!

Travel Details


You must have a current passport that is valid for 30 days to travel to Indonesia.


  • Book your round trip flights to/ from Denpasar (DPS).
  • You may need to start traveling 1 – 2 days prior to retreat start.
  • We can recommend a hotel near to the airport if your flight arrives late, as many do.
  • If you would like to spend extra time in Bali, we can recommend some nice places to visit and stay.
  • Make sure to arrive in time for Check in 4pm on March 1st.
  • Check out at noon on March 10th so book your flights to depart that evening.


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Choose from a private room or we can pair you up with a sister for a shared experience!

Shared rooms have 2 separate beds.

All of the bedrooms are very unique in their shape, views and design. Each room is decorated in a different colors and filled with decorations and paintings. During your stay you will comfortably indulge in a traditional Balinese experience, wether its poolside in Ubud or oceanfront in the North!

Room Options

  • Private Room = $2850
  • Shared Room = $2600

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  • Arrival Day – March 1st
    • Airport Pick up at 1pm
    • Transport to Ubud for Check in
    • 4pm – Opening circle
    • 6 pm – Dinner
    • 7 pm – Dance Performance
  • March 2
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance with Ixeeya
    • Breakfast
    • Offering Making Workshop
    • Lunch
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Temple Dance with Ixeeya
    • Dinner
  • March 3
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Visit Saraswati Temple
    • Lunch in Town
    • Free Time in Town
    • Dinner
    • Evening Ritual
  • March 4
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Balinese Dance Workshop
    • Lunch
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Temple Dance
    • Dinner
  • March 5
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Lunch
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Temple Dance
    • Dinner
  • March 6
    • Travel to the Beach Day
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Travel North / Stop at Water Temple
    • Lunch
    • Check in new Location
    • Dinner
    • Evening Ritual
  • March 7 
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Lunch
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Temple Dance
    • Dinner
  • March 8
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Waterfall Hike
    • Lunch
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Temple Dance
    • Dinner
  • March 9
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Dolphin Boat Trip
    • Lunch
    • Free Time / Spa
    • Temple Dance
    • Dinner
    • Full Moon Dance Performance
  • Departure Day  – March 10
    • Travel Day
    • Morning Ritual Yoga Dance
    • Breakfast
    • Closing Circle
    • Check Out and depart back to Ubud or DPS Airport

Ixeeya Beacher’s work is outstanding. I have studied with her for over six years and have gained a great deal of knowledge. I have a better understanding of myself, my body and women as I learned to embody my energy circuits through her dance with the sacred symbols.
Her shamanic healing work is powerful, particularly the uterine massage, vital for women’s self-care. Even after one session. I experienced a profound feminine vulnerability that lead me to a core source of strength, beauty and tenderness.
And what a homecoming experience it is to deepen my connection with other women as we address main stream cultural encounters of insecurity and competition with candor.
Ixeeya’s acute sensitivity to subtle energies lends her the masterful ability to hold a safe and empowered space that promotes an open hearted educational process to rediscover women’s culture.
Thank you, Ixeeya…I am deeply grateful for your wisdom, courage, and commitment to women of all culture.”

~ Magdalene Canyon Licensed Skin Care Professional for Maganda Health & Skin, Boulder, CO, mother of beautiful young woman.

“I am  changed woman from your deep, intuitive, spirit filled, care. You are truly healing the feminine one womb at a time.”

~ Tara King – Moving Mamas, dance for pregnant women, Fertility awareness , mother of two daughter

Thank you for being the amazing, embodied, sacred goddess healer that you are. Every time I do ritual dance with you I connect with my truest, deep knowing, passionate self. Our ceremony at the Star House last night (and every ritual I’ve done with you) helped me reconnect with who I really am and reminded and inspired me to live from that place –  such deep nourishment in these busy, disconnected times. I so appreciate all the years of study, practice, listening, and weaving you’ve done to be able to gift us with such unique and potent offerings. You truly are an inspiration in my life and I feel blessed to be in sisterhood with you.

~ Lorene Wapotich: Herbalist, Rites of Passage guide, Feet on the Earth Nature Based programs

Ixeeya is a gentle and joyous teacher. She creates a safe and nurturing space for the full range of the feminine experience, and brings both acceptance and humor to her work. When working with her, there is no doubt as to the wisdom and strength of all women. She leaves every woman she touches more empowered and embodied than they were before. Thank you, Ixeeya!”

~ Kaatja Jones: Videographer, Storyteller